Conquest of the land through 7,000 years

Conquest of the land through 7,000 years

Dr. Lowdermilk’s personal report of a study he made in 1938 and 1939

In a very real sense the land does not lie; it bears a record of what men write on it. In a larger sense a nation writes its record on the land, and a civilization writes its record on the land—a record that is easy to read by those who understand the simple language of the land in the westward course of civilization from the Holy Lands of the Near East to the Pacific coast of our own country through a period of some 7,000 years.

Records of mankind’s struggles through the ages to find a lasting adjustment to the land are found written across the landscapes as “westward the course of empire took its way.” Failures are more numerous than successes, as told by ruins and wrecks of works along this amazing trail. From these failures and successes we may learn much of profit and benefit to this young Nation of the United States as it occupies a new and bountiful continent and begins to set up house for a thousand or ten thousand years—yea, for a boundless future. If you want to know more about it, please read the article.

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