Our Story

A Better Way

We knew there’s a better way to fertilize crops. Using natural methods rebuilds soil, and livestock recognize the difference. Just like eating right, using biological farming leads to better long-term results. Carbon and calcium with a good fertilizer program is just common sense.

We Learned from Cows

We have never fed cows (bugs feed cows); we fed the bugs. The more we knew about biology, the more we knew how to feed cows. It’s the same deal in soil – the more you know how to feed the biology, the better your soil works. Nice thing is, when you get it right, the bugs work cheap.

Soil and Cows DTA

Soil and Cows are Codependent 

The soil and cattle need each other for best health. Cattle eat the the plants that enrich their bodies. The cattle give back to soil the carbon and nutrients it needs to do its job again and again. Atmospheric nutrition is born.  Understanding the biosphere of the soil and the cow will help you understand they are codependent of each other. When balanced, they are very efficient.

Bigger, Healthier Plants

We have made good changes to our soil through this DTA CAL and Carbon program.  We have witnessed that plants have more protein, sugar, major minerals, and trace minerals. We have also seen that the plants have retained water even in drought conditions. We believe that our atmospheric nutrition has the flexibility to help soil and plants perform at high levels in a wide window of weather.

Bigger Plants DTA
Fixing Soil DTA

 Fixing Soil

For too long people have been pulling carbon out of the ground. We need to put it back. The key to fixing our soil is adding carbon blended with calcium back into the soil. It creates atmospheric nutrition that awakens microorganisms. Once they awaken, they release the minerals plants need to thrive. We still need to keep our chemical methods like NPK in place  balance is a good thing and many years have also gone into getting that right. This program is very good, but if you need a soil correction, you need it. Let us work together.  Every one is a little right and a little wrong so take the strength of each and let’s fix a lot more soil.

Our mission is to put the carbon that was originally in our soil back where it came from.  All the plants on the earth know to do this, and we should also.