Cover Cropping

Profitability and Performance, Let Cover Crops Work for You!

cover cropping

Prairie Creek Seed offers quality cover crop seed to increase the profitability and health of your soils and livestock on your farm or ranch.

We have real-life experience implementing cover crops on our own farms and ranches. We have also worked with a diverse array of agricuiltural operations that have implemented cover crops successfully, some for the first time.

We also have years of research and experience throughout our team as well as partner with numerous, respected sources of sound management practices and information. Our broad network is here to serve you and help you determine which specie or mix would work best for your unique scenario.

Bottom line

cover crops can be a profitable introduction to any farming operation because they enhance soil health, prevent erosion and compaction and so much more. It is our goal to assist in your success of cover crop establishment and management.

Whether you are using cover crops for grazing or soil building, we want to be your source of seed and trusted information for successful cover crop implementation that works for your needs.


Agri-Vantage is a cover crop blend that is specifically designed to capture and hold nutrients in place for the next cash crop. It offers diversity through the various species within the mix, such as Winter Cereal Rye, Pick Axe Radishes, Barkant Turnips, and T-Raptor Rapeseed. This blend has rapid growth during the late summer which continues throughout the fall season. By extending the growing season in the fields more energy from the sun can be captured and stored. This also aids in sequestering carbon.

Interseeder Plus

Interseeder Plus is a diverse mix of Annual Ryegrass, Crimson Clover, Balansa Clover, and Hybrid Brassica. This cover crop blend was designed to capture excess nutrients in the late summer and early fall after the corn hits black layer. Interseeder Plus has shown excellent shade tolerance and is able to withstand the extreme shade under the corn canopy.


Jackson  is a blend of clover, radish, tankard turnip and leaf turnip. Diversity is the key to building soil structure; the various brassica types will stimulate soil biology with different rooting types and nutrient holding tanks. The clover builds nitrogen and assists in building organic matter (OM). Ideally follow with a corn or grass crop to take advantage of the nitrogen (N) accumulation.


Nitro is a blend of five different clovers and radish. This blend is formulated to offer diversity and build nitrogen (N). The radish scavenges free nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil to hold and then release in the spring. The clovers are a mix of winter hardy and active clovers. This allows for clover to build more nitrogen in the spring before termination.


Nutri-Saver cover crop blend is specifically designed to capture and hold nutrients in place for your next cash crop. It offers the diversity of Annual Ryegrass, Radishes, Barkant Turnips, and Barsica Rapeseed. With this mix you will see a rapid growth in late summer which continues throughout the fall season. By extending the growing season of your fields, you are able to capture and store the energy from the sun in your soil. This also aids you to sequester carbon.

Summer blend

Summer blend is a very diverse blend of warm season grasses, summer legumes and brassicas. This blend of six-plus species is very diverse, enhancing soil biology which in turns promotes soil health and structure. Earlier plantings between late spring through late August will improve the grazing season or build a tremendous amount of forage or material to build soil organic matter (OM). All specie in the blend are likely to winterkill, so planting any time after soils rise above 60 degrees or until after small grains.


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