How Biological Farming Works

Biological farming is a sustainable solution that creates balanced soil and atmospheric nutrition.

Our process and recipe encourages microbial life in the soil. When those bugs awaken, they create the soil atmosphere that encourages a naturally balanced, synergistic microbial ecosystem that supports even more naturally occurring biological systems. This richly abundant atmosphere supports and feeds growing plants far more efficiently, even under weather-stressed conditions.

We know which components encourage soil life to respond and reproduce. As a result, the soil life becomes more balanced. The excreted wastes of that microbial life cycle are then available to the plants’ root systems, which results in measurable difference in plant health and yields.

We believe healthier crops and better yields can be found more often in biologically balanced soil. A better life is truly found in biology.

Key Ingredients

Calcium is the key ingredient to igniting the natural processes that build healthy soil life. At 1000x magnification, you can see that our highly available calcite has an increased surface area and a sponge like structure that both holds and releases water which, when combined, markedly stimulates microbial activity. Our Carbon Cal put up this calcite number PDF

Our Compost Holds Water

DTA CAL and our Carbon Cal compost helps in the exchange of water, bacteria and enzymes that live in this humic atmosphere. This biological action in our compost creates a powerful soil atmosphere where nitrogen, calcium and many other minerals become available to the plants. As an added benefit, with our system the soil can hold and release water more easily, requiring less irrigation which leads to greater efficiency in plant growth. Keeping our system in place over a period of years will result in even better yields; therefore, costing less to farm. In 90 days, this field test plot had only 1/10 inch of rain. The sorghum on our program shown on the left side survived even with such little rainfall.

Food, More Minerals and Affordability

Our system unlocks magnesium and pulls higher levels of trace and major minerals into our food. We have learned how to do this over many years. The challenging part was to make it practical for farmers to accomplish. By trial and error, common sense, and God’s grace, we have built this system to be affordable.

Plants and People Need Magnesium

Magnesium is a critical mineral needed for the photosynthesis of plants. Our system has shown that it helps to move magnesium into the plants much faster than other systems that we have tried. You can see larger leaves on this alfalfa because of the higher magnesium levels in the plant. Take a look at the Sorghum Sudan grass magnesium level PDF.

Large Farms = Large Opportunities

We contract with large operators who take compost very seriously. This has become very helpful to us in producing Carbon Cal even for smaller farms who do not have compost available to them. We are able to help many farms get their soil life back by working with good people to help achieve this goal. This compost turner is the beginning of our Carbon Cal Pellets.


DTA Cal Organic is here for 2014 season after 4 years of searching thousands of dollars worth of testing. We have the calcite worthy of the DTA CAL name and logo. Our calcite has the same calcite % and water holding and holes as original DTA CAL in fact they are equal in performance on compost and manured ground.  We are very happy to bring this calcite on line for the organic farmer now all the good we are doing for conventional farms we can do for organic farms.